"Darcy sees every dish as interesting and wonderful, and that excitement is what makes her a gifted food stylist. But Darcy is more then just a gifted food stylist, she's also incredibly encouraging and organized, and that makes her a delight to work with.


One of the most stressful parts of writing a cookbook was worrying about the photos.   So when the publisher told me they were sending a photographer and food stylist to take the photos I was relieved.  From the moment Darcy walked into my home I knew the photo shoot was going to be great.   She spent a lot of time researching recipes and creating vision boards full of inspiration for each dish.   I almost cried when I saw the vision boards.   One of the things I loved about working with Darcy is that she was very respectful of me as the author and as a person.  Instead of first pulling from the things she brought, she was intentional about incorporating many of my family kitchen tools and utensils into the photos.   She was fantastic about keeping with the 'real but on a good day' style that I wanted for the book."

Angi Schneider

Author of The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables

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