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Every day, Christ presents to us a table of morning mercies.   He makes it attractive to come.  And He calls us to join Him there because He has something to share.   This week may it be our openness to God's redemptive story in our lives that compels us to join Him where transformation takes place….at the table.  It is there that we commune with Jesus.  It is there that God's gift of restoration and renewal infuses our inadequacies with truth that illumines our inner being ... it is there that we receive our infilling, such that we are fueled to ignite the love of Christ around us.


As Christian ministers of the gift of hospitality, I believe God supernaturally positions us to draw people to the table, as Christ has done for us.  We know that both neighbors and nations come together by first sharing a meal, or a cup of tea, before they share a common language that leads to meaningful conversation, or even greater negotiation for a holy cause.


As we invite people in, we help them feel welcome.   And we honor them by making the invitation attractive.  The sunny smile on our face, the bright tone of our voice, the commitment in our handshake first made and held by eyes that have been with Jesus.    As hosts, we can be conscientious about setting a wholesome table that shares a meal to provide interaction that will nourish and be remembered.   We may even feel a sense of concern that what is expected, we may not have to offer.  But when we give from all that has been given to us, we find those expectancies diminished, as all of what we need is found in Christ alone by our first coming to His table.   It is our partnership with His presence at the table that elevates our ordinary into His most extraordinary.


This week, how will our invitations be all the more attractive and welcoming, because we have been at the table with our Lord?  As we find ourselves hosting, may it be that what we prepare to serve is more about the work of transformation occurring at the table, than what food we place upon it.   As our knowledge of Christ is what we are most prepared to share with those who come to our table...

Father, may each one of our invitations demonstrate an attractiveness about the greater work that You are doing, and less about our own preparations.  For all of what we know of ourselves, comes first from all that we know of You.  Make our invitations holy, as we draw Your people to our tables, that all men might come to know You - every tribe and every nation.  


We are the recipients of the Divine call to “feed My sheep.”  Let’s revel together in the anticipation of those whom God has chosen for us to serve today. 

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~ Every person that comes to the table brings a wealth of investment to be shared ~





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